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“Tisha Campbell-Martin’s New music video “Steel Here” not only marks a strong return for the actress (Martin” “Schooldaze”) and singer to music, but also adds the performer’s personal experience to increasingly-relevant contemporary controversies… a lengthy message written on her body as she sobs and belts the song’s lyrics of resilience:  Black butterfly, Grab my paintbrush, got my canvas and I’ll paint the sky!  I’m , I’m, I’m Steel Here!”

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Tisha Campbell-Martin Addresses Past Sexual Abuse in Powerful ‘Steel Here’ Video

By Aggi Ashagre | September 23, 2015 11:15 AM EDT

Tisha Campbell-Martin’s music has taken a backseat over the last two decades, but only because the actress/singer has been busy starring in multiple television series and films.

Now, Campbell-Martin is venturing back into music with her new song “Steel Here,” which tackles her past demons…

The music video for the song features Campbell-Martin showcasing a range of emotions including despair, strength and confidence.

Campbell-Martin has previously revealed that she was sexually abused when she was just three-years-old. Many of the themes within the song and video for “Steel Here” are influenced by the event and the singer’s insistence that, despite her past, she’s “still here.”

On Twitter, Campbell-Martin explained the symbolism in the video, revealing the video features the apology letter she received from the person who “violated” her.



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