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About My Musical Journey –
I was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma but I was raised in Newark, New Jersey since the age of three. Both parents come from musical backgrounds and it was during that time that they discovered that I was a singer. I started out singing at schools, churches and local shows and competitions. Some of the more memorable events were when I would perform at different housing projects around the city. The housing authority in Newark would build stages in the summertime where local acts and bands could come and perform. My desire to help contribute to my family’s financial deficit, eventually led me to a successful singing career in musicals on the small screen and the stage, off and on-broadway, in New York City. I had no formal training until I was fourteen years old and I attended Arts High School.

“STEEL HERE” The Album…

The entire album was executive produced by B.Slade. He has won 7 Stellar Awards, a GMA Award, and received 3 Grammy nominations. B.Slade is also a highly sought-after songwriter and producer for artists such as Chaka Khan, Sheila E., and Faith Evans. Most recently, B.Slade co-wrote several songs on Angie Fischer and Elijah Blake’s Def Jam debut LP. All the lyrics for the “Steel Here,” album were co-written by myself and B.Slade. Other contributing writers include Luke “Lukertive’ Austin, Focus, Keith Phelps, G. “PK” Degeddingseze, Kevin Randolph and Javad Day.
My chief advisors on this project was Brandon Caddell and long-time friend Lashawn Daniels who has worked with the likes of Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, Brandy, Tyrese, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and such. I’m looking forward to future collaborations with LaShawn and Brandon. I signed to, Cyborg Music Group, a small independent record label.

“STEEL HERE” The Song…

“Steel Here,” was the second song we recorded in the studio but my first real writing collaboration with B.Slade. The first song we recorded was, “Just Stay,” and he threw me in front of the microphone and we got straight to work. My only writing contribution was the bridge. “Steel Here,” however, was the song we really got to know each other on. B.Slade and I spoke for two hours about our lives, the ups and downs of our careers, the challenges we faced and still remained bitter-free. By the conversations end we knew exactly what we wanted to write about. The song is for anyone who has a breath in their body. The lyrics speak of going through the challenges, hard times and curve-balls one may come against in this life-game; Pointing to how one can persevere and is resilient despite any financial situations, health issues and/or any other negative experiences. Subsequently, “Steel Here,’ took twenty minutes to write.


“STEEL HERE” The Video…

I was very lucky to be able to work with an award-winning fashion movie director @viktorija_pashuta understood the importance of the lyrical content of the song, “Steel Here.” Viktorija asked me to come up with one event that may have seemed trying while i was experiencing it but i turned into a positive. I shared with her how fortunate I was to recently receive a five page apology letter from the person who raped me when I was three years old. When the letter arrived, it blessed me. It allowed me to FORGIVE and I’m so incredibly grateful. So with that, Viktorija begins the story with a man writing the letter, then you see him writing the words on my body…Words taken from the actual letter. She illustrated the theme of ‪#‎forgiveness‬ in the mirrored room where I have to really look at myself and fight my own demons. She also used beauty and fashion along with famed choreographer @tophatro dancers who emerge from the 9ft coutour gown which represents releasing negative emotions (grudge, anger, self-deprivation, etc) Thank you Viktorija and Rosero you both are a beautiful storytellers.



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