Thoughts on Motherhood



Thoughts on Motherhood:

– “The greatest gift a parent could give their child is self-confidence.” Tisha Campbell-Martin

– “As a parent of a special needs child, our viewpoint on ‘The LITTLE things’ are much more celebrated than others. A smile, communication, even being able to say the words, MOMMY or OUCH, are miracles to us everyday. Tisha Campbell-Martin

– “Raising BOYS? Keep em’ busy!” Mona Washington (my mother)

– “Children… They didn’t ask to be here, so who are we to make them think they owe us for being born?” Tisha Campbell-Martin

– “Our goal is to make our children as independent of us as possible so that when we are gone from this earth, our legacy will live on and there is no doubt that our children will make it on their own.” Tisha Campbell-Martin

– “My kid is so funny! He just wrote an essay at school about how strict I am. Hilarious!!” Tisha Campbell-Martin

– “Little kids… Little problems. Big kids… Big problems!” Lily Mae (my grandmother)

– “It’s easy to want to coddle and protect my boys. It’s much harder to let loose the reigns and allow them to be men. My future daughter-in-law to be will thank me later.” Tisha Campbell-Martin

– “Engage! Children grow up really fast.” Tisha Campbell-Martin

– “It’s important for my child to understand that he is a part of our family unit and in this group, he has responsibilities to it. We all have to do our part. Just as I have a job… so does he. Therefore, when I tell him to help me clean up, make his bed, vacuum, etc. it’s not because he is my indentured servant… It’s because mommy and daddy are hustling and work hard outside the house… And when we come home, we’d like to come home to a peaceful environment which also includes him excelling in school and being responsible for making his brother a good person.” Tisha Campbell-Martin


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